Friday, December 2, 2011

A for Apple & B for Ball will soon be passé.

You must be nostalgic whenever you get to hear the pre-school kids rhyming their alphabets learning: ‘A’ for Apple, ‘B’ for Ball and ‘C’ for Cat in a harmony. Offcourse I am not an exception to this nostalgia. But as the time keeps changing itself, by walking hands-in-hands with the technology, how can the alphabets learning be immune to this change. So the coming generations won’t have Apple, Ball and the Cat to play with, as we all had in our school times.

While surfing the net today I came across with very interesting and the most popular terms associated with all the 26 alphabets (A-Z). Here are the things in fashion, that come as the very first result as you type the first alphabet starting with A to Z at Read on and try to guess what can be the new harmony for the alphabets learning.

A for Airtel
B for Book My Show
C for Cricinfo
D for Dainik Jagran
E for erail
F for Facebook
G for Gmail
H for Hotmail
I for irctc
J for Just Dial
K for Kingfisher
L for LIC
M for Make My Trip
N for Nokia
O for Orkut
P for PNR Status
Q for Quotes
R for Rediffmail
S for
T for Time of India
U for UPSC
V for Vodafone
W for
X for XE
Y for Youtube
Z for Zedge

Isn’t interesting if we have this up-to-date version of alphabets & the most famous term associated with them ! ! Try this and please share your comment here. I am waiting.

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